Beneath the Branches, Esquire


Ghusl, Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology


In the Land of Kan’an, Prairie Schooner

Summer of the Shark, Enizagam


Disappearance, Bridport Prize Anthology



Interview: James Bay 5/5/15

British singer-songwriter James Bay talks about busking, the writing process, and the small town in England where he grew up.


Profile: Susie Wolff 11/25/13

Scottish racing driver Susie Wolff is the only female Formula One driver and has been dubbed ‘the fastest woman in the world’.


Book Review: The Mile by Craig A. Smith 11/28/13

Book Review: MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood 9/23/13

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Margaret Atwood – MaddAddam 8/28/13

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Neil Gaiman with Charles Fernyhough 8/28/13

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Muriel Spark, 50 Years On 8/16/13

Comedy Review: Kate Fox – Good Breeding 8/14/13

Book Review: Lolito by Ben Brooks 8/12/13

Comedy Review: Tom Webb’s Wedding 8/8/13


Review: An Evening with David Sedaris 8/18/13

Theatre Review: Metamorphosis 8/14/13

Theatre Review: Melmoth the Wanderer 8/2/13

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Teaching kids to make movies Business 4/18/2012

The Echo Park Film Center is a nonprofit group that serves as a unique community resource center for film. It provides free courses to teach kids how to make movies and a cinema house where aspiring independent filmmakers can screen their movies and talk about their craft.

Los Angeles Beer Festival to toast craft brews Entertainment 4/5/2012

A craft beer frenzy has taken over Los Angeles in recent years with gastropubs and eateries specializing in artisanal brews popping up across the city. This Saturday, Paramount Pictures will transform its New York City backlot into a block party Saturday for L.A. Beer Festival revelers.

Cameras rolling on Sofia Coppola’s L.A. crime caper Business 3/24/2012

Independent filmmaker and Oscar winner Sofia Coppola began production on “The Bling Ring” in Calabasas this week. The movie, inspired by true events, is about fame-obsessed teens growing up on the fringes of Hollywood celebrity culture who become burglars targeting the homes of stars.

‘The Lone Ranger’ rides again in New Mexico Business 3/2/2012

After suspending production last summer over budgetary concerns, Walt Disney Studios started rolling the cameras on “The Lone Ranger,” starring Johnny Depp, in New Mexico this week.

Louisiana film industry expects strong growth in 2012 Business 2/4/2012

Showing signs of continued robust growth, Louisiana is on track to break 2010’s record of more than 100 projects shot in the state.

Thousand Oaks ranch becomes animal sanctuary Business 12/20/2011

The 450-acre Greenfield Ranch, where Roy Rogers and Gary Cooper once shot westerns, plays a starring role in Cameron Crowe’s upcoming film “We Bought a Zoo” starring Matt Damon.

MTV’s ‘Buck Wild’ denied West Virginia tax credit Business 12/7/2011

Citing an unflattering depiction of state culture in “Buck Wild,” state film officials refuse to subsidize the network’s latest reality TV show with tax credits

New studio in Santa Fe, N.M., adds to competition for filmmakers Business 11/16/2011

After the state saw a drop-off in movie and TV productions when its tax rebates were threatened this year, officials hope that a nearly $30-million, 65-acre production facility will help boost business.

‘Iron Man 3’ lands in North Carolina Business 10/28/2011

In a blow to Los Angeles’ below-the-line community, Manhattan Beach-based Marvel Studios will take its next “Iron Man” movie to Wilmington, N.C.

‘The Frozen Ground’ heats up filming in Alaska Business 10/20/2011

After the state implemented generous film incentives in 2009, Hollywood has begun to warm up to the Last Frontier. “The Frozen Ground,” based on the real-life 1980s Alaskan hunt for serial killer Robert Hansen, became the most recent feature to shoot in Alaska when cameras started rolling in Anchorage this week.

Soderbergh brings ‘Magic Mike’ to L.A. Business 9/23/2011

The Oscar-winning director, who hasn’t shot a film primarily in L.A. since 2006’s “The Good German,”  recently began production on “Magic Mike,” a comedy about male strippers living in Tampa, Fla., at Mulligan’s Family Fun Center in Torrance.

East Hollywood’s two-wheeled ArtCycle Business 9/15/2011

Now in its third year, East Hollywood ArtCycle, joins together the neighborhood’s burgeoning bike scene with its independent art community with a goal to bring awareness to the need for more neighborhood recreational public spaces.

Big-budget movies find low-cost haven in Bulgaria Business 9/6/2011

A $100-million sequel to “The Expendables” is the latest to shoot at Nu Boyana Film Studios, a communist-era facility upgraded in 2006 by Nu Image’s Avi Lerner.

Not for the faint of appetite Entertainment 8/18/2011

Some of the best competitive eaters in the world bring their chomping skills to Little Tokyo for the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship.

Cinespia celebrates age 10 by staying up all night Entertainment 8/12/2011

Movies til Dawn, a special all-night birthday event for the Cinespia film series held from May through September in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, will feature the documentaries “Monterey Pop” and “Jimi Hendrix” as well as a DJ and psychedelic short subjects.

New Los Angeles Folk Festival sets toes tapping at Zorthian Ranch Entertainment 8/9/2011

The locally fabled yet relatively unknown Zorthian Ranch in Altadena served as the idyllic pastoral venue for Saturday’s New Los Angeles Folk Festival, a one-day event that brought together 28 bands and solo artists from L.A.’s folk music scene and beyond to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Woody Allen again opts to film movie in Europe Entertainment 7/13/2011

“Bop Decameron,” whose stars include roberto Benigni, Penélope Cruz and Alec Baldwin, is being shot in Rome. Allen has cited high production costs in New York a key reason for his shift overseas.

A profane and explosive James Ellroy, in conversation with Joseph Wambaugh Entertainment 4/25/2010

Crime writer James Ellroy’s flair for the dramatic and affinity for profanity were in full force in his conversation with author Joseph Wambaugh at a session at Saturday’s Festival of the Books.

Artist Jason Alper brings fashionable humor to Guy Hepner Gallery Entertainment 4/15/2010

The co-creator of Sacha Baron Cohen’s three most memorable characters mixes well-known pop culture references, logos and classic art to create satirical impressions.


Variety Arabia’s up and coming filming locations Features October 2012

Variety Arabia takes a look at alternative locations that are vying to lure productions with tax credits, cheap labour, expanding infrastructure, and diverse topographies.

Arab film festivals in Europe: A much needed cultural bridge Features September 2012

The blossoming of new film festivals in the Gulf region over the last several years, – beginning with the Dubai International Film Festival in 2004 – has helped to invigorate Arab cinema, giving filmmakers a new platform upon which to exhibit their work.

The 3D bubble shows signs of contracting Features April 2012

For quite some time, three-dimensional films seemed set to become the future of cinema. But the excitement is already fading, at least in the US, where overall attendance is down 5 per cent this year as consumers push back against poor quality production and the hefty premiums charged to watch them.

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